Revenue & Reimbursement


Effective July 1, 2015, the Merced County Department of Revenue and Reimbursement is no longer handling the collection of delinquent court-ordered debt, which is now managed by the Merced County Superior Court. Due to this change, the County implemented a new model of collection services to deal with the limited number of remaining accounts and is using an outside vendor – Professional Credit Services.


If you need to make a payment or discuss your account, please contact the appropriate agency listed below:

  • For Court-Ordered payments, please contact Merced Superior Court at (209) 725-4220.
  • For Human Services Agency (HSA), please contact HSA directly at (209) 385-3000.
  • For Unsecured Property Tax, please contact Merced County Tax Collector at (209) 385-7592.
  • For Community & Economic Development, please contact the department directly at (209) 385-7654.
  • For City of Los Banos - Non booking fees, please contact (209) 827-7000.
  • For City of Merced - Non booking fees, please contact (209) 385-6864.

For all other County debt, please contact Professional Credit Services (PCS) at (866) 254-2993 or contact the referring department directly.