Castle Commerce Center

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Castle Commerce Center is located in the heart of the Central Valley, minutes from the bay area and the Sierra Nevadas. Featuring an airport with 11,800 feet of runway, Castle Commerce Center offers prime acreage for commercial–industrial development.  

Businesses currently residing at Castle Commerce Center include AT&T Call Center, Big Creek Lumber and University of Merced to name a few.

2018 Consumer Confidence Report

Castle Commerce Center in Merced County, Calif., is an 1,912-acre multimodal freight transportation hub supported by air, ground and rail connections.

In compliance with CEQA, the County has adopted an EIR at Castle which eliminates the need for any additional environmental review for projects located at Castle.

Merced County Advantage

  • Low Electricity Cost (Merced Irrigation District: MID)
  • Ability to Expedite the Permitting Process
  • Merced County Regional Foreign Trade Zone (FTZ 226)
  • Revolving Loan Fund (RLF)

Strategically Located

There are 7 Cargo Airports within 125 miles of Merced County Including:
  • Home to Castle Airport
  • 125 miles southeast of San Francisco
  • 121 miles east of San Jose
  • 109 miles southeast of Oakland
  • 112 miles south of Sacramento

There are 4 Seaports within 300 miles of Merced County:

  • 275 miles northeast of the Port of Long Beach
  • 274 miles northeast of the Port of Los Angeles
  • 88 miles southeast of the Port of Oakland
  • 98 miles southeast of the Port of San Francisco

Merced County is:

Nestled between Interstate 5 and State Route 99 Access to BNSF & Union Pacific Line Rail Spurs

For information on available property, call the Merced County Community and Economic Development Department at (209) 385-7686.