The Epidemiology Program provides departmental-wide assistance which includes:
  • Establishes and maintains surveillance activities on notifiable diseases and conditions per California Administrative Code (17 CCR s 1276).
  • Assists with conducting outbreak investigations.
  • Assesses the health status/trends of the community.
  • Assists in providing consultations to medical providers, schools and day care programs, agencies, community residents.
  • Prepares epidemiological reports and publications.
  • Assists in monitoring effectiveness of public health activities.

Data and Publications


Additional data requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis which requires administrative approval. As with any data analysis, reasonable caution should be used when reporting results. All data is provisional. Information on this website is given for educational purposes only. Do not use this information to diagnose yourself. If you think you might be sick, consult a health care provider.