Family Caregiver Support Program

Family Caregiver
Support Program

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Caring for you so you can better care for your loved one


The purpose of this program is to establish support networks that provide: information about the availability of support services; assistance in gaining access; individual counseling to help make decisions and solve problems; and respite care. It would establish an infrastructure of program resources and assistance to family caregivers and older individuals who are relative caregivers through state and area agencies on aging, service providers, and consumer organizations.

Services Categories

Service categories include: information to caregivers about available services; assistance to caregivers in gaining access to services; individual counseling, organization of support groups, and caregiver training to assist in making decisions and solving problems; respite care to enable caregivers to be temporarily relieved from their caregiving responsibilities.

Service Priority

When serving caregivers, priority shall be given to caregivers who are Older individuals (60 years of age or older) with greatest social need and greatest Economic need (with particular attention to low in-come); if serving caregivers of individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders, priority shall be given to those caring for older individuals (60 years of age or older).


This program is currently provided via a contract between the Merced County Area Agency on Aging and the Valley Caregiver Resource Center. Contact Valley Caregiver Resource Center at (800) 541-8614.