Continuing Education Classes

Private Applicator Card Renewal:

To renew your Private Applicator Card, you must complete your continuing education classes before the expiration date on your card. You must have 6 hours of continuing education (2 hours must be in Laws & Regulations, and the remaining 4 hours can be in any subject). Providing you have completed the required hours, you can renew your card no earlier than 120 days prior to expiration date, but you must renew before March 31st of the following year your PAC card expires. If you fail to renew between those dates, you will have take a Re-Certification Exam to get your card.  There is no fee to obtain your Private Applicator Card initially and no fee to renew.

Listed below are websites you can visit to earn Continuing Education hours. Please make sure the class is accredited in California. Print out a confirmation that you took the class and send us a copy. There may be fees for some of the classes.

Expiration Dates for Private Applicator Card:

  • A - H Expires December 31, 2024
  • I - Q Expires December 31, 2025
  • R - Z Expires December 31, 2023

Available Classes for earning Continuing Education Hours:

Study Material for taking the Private Applicator test: