Area Agency on Aging Advisory Council


The purpose of the AAA Advisory Council shall be to meet the requirements of federal law on the establishment of such an organization for an Area Agency on Aging.

To act in an advisory capacity to the Area Agency on Aging and the Merced County Board of Supervisors on functions which further the Area Agency's mission of developing and coordinating community-based systems of service for all older persons in the planning and service areas.


The functions and obligations of the AAA Advisory Council, as they are defined in federal law, shall be as follows:
  • To advise on the development and administration of the Area Plan.
  • To foster a comprehensive, coordinated service delivery system, involving public and private agencies and resources, in order to meet the needs of the older persons who reside in Merced County.
  • To provide a forum for all older persons to express their needs and to serve as a channel of communication among organizations to service those needs.
  • To study, review, evaluate, and make recommendations on any and all matters affecting older persons living in Merced County; including, but not limited thereto, general welfare, nutrition, education, employment, housing, transportation, and recreation.
  • To hold Public Hearing(s) in regard to the Area Plan and other items as necessary.

Executive Council Members

Deputy Director Feliza Gray


Clifford Monte - Dist 3 Chrmn

Chairman of AAA Council

District 1 - Vacant


District 2 - Vacant


Cathy Mendonca - District 4


District 5 - Vacant