Lost & Found

If You Lose Your Pet

  • If you find yourself separated from your pet, you may file a lost report with Animal Services.
  • Please do not call Animal Services to try and identify your pet over the telephone.
  • Due to the number and various breeds of animals housed at the shelter, we will not be able to tell you if your pet is at our facility.
  • Come to the animal shelter, located at 2150 Shuttle Drive in Atwater, to look for your missing pet.

You may also take advantage of the free lost and found service provided by the Merced Sun Star. Contact them at:

Merced Sun Star
3144 G St. Ste 125-302
Merced, CA 95340
Ph: (209) 722-1511

Area Shelters and Animal Services Agencies

There are other shelters within Merced County that hold animals. Depending on the city or area in which you live, your animal may have been picked up by one of these agencies. These agencies may operate by appointment only, so call before you go and look.