Recording & Filing Fees


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Regular Recording Fees (Govt. Code 27361, 27361.4, and 27361-(a) &(d))

Service Fee
First page (limited to 8.5" x 11") $14
Each additional page or fraction of a page $3
If page is not 8 .5" x 11", penalty per page $3

Real Estate Fraud Prosecution (Govt. Code 27388)

Service Fee
Fee $3               
Fee applies to Deed of Trust, Assignment of Deed of Trust, Reconveyance, Request for Notice, Notice of Default, Substitution of Trustee, Notice of Trustee Sale, Notice of Rescission of Declaration of Default

Combined Documents (Govt. Code 27361 and 27361.4)

Note the Real Estate Fraud Prosecution Fee may need to be added for the additional title. See the list above.
Services Fee
Base Recording Fee - When two or more documents are serially incorporated into one form or sheet, they will be considered as two or more separate documents
$14 for first page
$3 for each additional page
Plus $14 for each additional document title to be indexed

Documents Requiring Additional Indexing (Govt. Code 27361.2)

Service Fee
Each reference to a previously recorded document, other than the first such reference, requiring additional indexing $1

Indexing of More than 10 Names (Commercial Code 27361.8)

Service Fee
Each group of 10 names or fraction thereof after the initial group of 10 names $1

Financing Statements (Commercial Code 9403-9407, Govt. Code 12194.B)

Service Fee
UCC-1 and UCC-3, 1 or 2 pages $10
UCC-1 and UCC-3, 3 or more pages $20

Map Filing for Record (Govt. Code 27372) Subdivision, Parcel, Record of Survey, and Assessment Maps

Service Fee
First page $8
Each additional page $2

Notification of Involuntary Lien (Govt. Code 27387)

Service Fee
First defendant $3
Each additional defendant*
* Examples for counting defendants:
John Doe and Mary Doe - Two defendants
John Doe and Mary Doe dba: Doe's - Three defendants
John Doe and Mary Doe dba: Doe's, John Doe aka: John A. Doe and as John A. Smith - Four defendants
{When aka has the same last name, the name will be counted only once.}

Additional Fees

Service Fee
Penalty Print (9 lines per vertical inch or 22 characters per inch horizontally) $1
Release of State, County, or city liens $20
Each extra recording reference $13
Filing Fees - Papers not to be recorded (Govt. Code 27380 and 27361.4) $7
Preliminary 20-Day Notice $25
Returned Check Fee   
Housing Fee $75