With the passage of Assembly Bill 258, Section 121960 of the California Health & Safety Code was changed to require all dogs at 3 months of age or older be vaccinated for rabies. The licensing portion of the law remains unchanged. Dogs are still required to be licensed at 4 months of age or older.


Merced County Code requires that all owned cats or dogs are vaccinated for rabies. Merced County Animal Control provides monthly low cost clinics to meet your needs.

Location & Times

The clinics are held at the Merced County Animal Services Facility located at 2150 Shuttle Drive, Atwater CA 95301, on the second Thursday of each month. Other vaccines and services are available upon request that would prevent disease and protect the health of your pet.

Annual Exams

It is important for your animal to have periodic health exams just like humans. Your pet should receive at least an annual health checkup. A routine visit to your local veterinarian and current vaccinations will help make sure your pet remains healthy.


  • Rabies vaccinations - $5
  • Microchips - $15
  • Merced County Animal Control may utilize an outside vendor to provide low cost rabies vaccinations for our clinics. Prices for additional services or vaccinations requested by the pet owner are determined by the vendor.
  • Clinic Flier


For questions or more information, please call the Animal Control staff at (209) 385-7436.