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The Winton Community Plan Update  (Winton CPU) process has been a collaborative effort involving the Winton community (including residents, property owners, and business owners), Merced County agencies, the consultants, and the Winton Municipal Advisory Council (Winton MAC). Work on the Winton Community Plan Update began in 2011 however, due to staffing levels, there were several years of inactivity on the plan.

What is a Community Plan?

The Land Use Element of the County's 2030 General Plan comprises of several Community Plans, including the Franklin-Beachwood Community Plan. Each Community Plan includes a set of goals and policies that describe the community's vision for the next 20 serves and serves as a blueprint for how development should occur over time within the area.

Community Plans designate land for the range of uses needed to achieve the community vision, including jobs, housing, transportation, open space, and amenities, and provide important guidelines that assist decision-making when projects are proposed. Community Plans outline strategies for accommodating planned growth and also inform developers and residents of the types, densities, and intensities of development that are permitted.

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If you have any questions about the Winton Community Plan Update, please contact:

Diana Lowrance

[email protected]

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