Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I did not attend the first community plan meeting and have not completed the community survey. Is it too late for me to participate in the planning process?

A. It is not too late. There are still plenty of opportunities to participate and make an effective contribution to your community plan. We recommend that you bookmark this webpage and keep checking the community plan calendar for the date of the next meeting. You can also complete a survey form and submit questions or comments to us directly from this web page

Q. What does the Planning Department do with the input it receives from community members?

A. All input received from community members – at workshops, through survey forms, or e-mailed comments – is reviewed by the responsible staff planner (James Holland for Le Grand and Bob King for Winton) and logged for future reference. Submitted comments are often used to help shape plan policies and guide the environmental review process.

Q. When will we see an actual Plan – Something that we can review?

A. There is still a lot of work to be done before a Draft Community Plan for Le Grand or Winton can be released for public review. We will hold a second community workshop to identify plan alternatives and policies and will commence work on producing a draft plan after the input we receive from the community has been fully reviewed. While we cannot provide a hard date, it is likely that almost a year of staff time will be needed to produce a Draft Community Plan.

Q. Who decides what will go in the Plan?

A. The Merced County Board of Supervisors adopts each Community Plan. The Board is responsible for the Community Plan process and has insisted that each plan must reflect the values of its community. While staff writes each plan, the Board uses public meetings and hearings to gather citizen comments. These comments are reviewed by the Board to make sure that the proposed plan reflects the needs and desires of the community.