Decline in Value


If all or part of the improvements on a property are removed, the assessed value may be lowered.


If a property is damaged by a calamity, such as a fire or a storm, the assessed value can be lowered until repairs are completed. Please notify the Assessor at (209) 385-7631 if this applies to you.

Market Value

If the market value of a property as of January 1 is lower than the assessed value, the assessed value can be temporarily reduced. The decline in value may be the result of changes in the real estate market, the neighborhood, or the property itself.

The assessed value will be reduced only after review by the Assessor. If the assessed value is reduced, it will be reviewed annually as long as necessary.

Requesting Reviews

To request a review of an assessed value, call (209) 385-7631 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm.