"Future Land Uses" Workshop Results

Results of the “Future Land Uses” Community Planning Workshop

Held in Winton on October 19, 2011


An important public workshop on the new Community Plan was held in Winton on Wednesday, October 19, 2011. The “Future Land Uses Workshop” introduced Winton residents to Community Planning - covering what a Community Plan is and does and how a Plan can help a community.

The workshop used individual “Issue Stations” to inform residents about specific features of a Community Plan, identify challenges facing the community, and provide alternative land use designs to guide future development in Winton. 56 community members signed in as attending this workshop and 22 submitted written comments on the issues presented.

Workshop Issues:

Building from earlier community outreach work, the Planning and Community Development Department identified the following Community Concerns and Values for Winton. These were presented at the October 19 workshop to assist people with review of community alternatives.

Community Concerns and Values:

  • More employment opportunities
  • Winton needs to improve its image in the county
  • Encourage small businesses in the downtown
  • The downtown needs to be more attractive
  • All streets need to have sidewalks
  • Assisted Living / Senior Housing is needed
  • Small town atmosphere is an asset
  • More bicycle and pedestrian trails
  • Need to renovate and fix up housing
  • Encourage home ownership

Community Land Use Alternatives:

Three alternative land use designs were presented for community review at the October 19 workshop:
Alternative 1 – This option proposed the least change from the existing Winton Community Plan, focusing on filling out existing plan area boundaries with housing.
Winton Alternative Document
Alternative 2 - This land use design proposed notable change from the previous Winton Plan, providing more land for business parks, opportunities for agricultural-based businesses, and a variety of housing types.
Winton Alternative Document
Alternative 3 - This alternative proposed expansion of the Winton community to provide more opportunities for job growth, housing and retail that would serve the local region, rather than only the immediate community.
Winton Alternative Document

Workshop Results:

Each person attending the workshop was given the opportunity to submit written comments on each of the land use alternatives presented and other issues of importance to them. The results of the input received at the Winton workshop are summarized in the following document: Winton "Future Land Use" Workshop Results Summary

Next Steps:

Over the next few months, Planning Department staff will work with representatives of other public agencies to produce a Final Draft Land Use Design for Winton. The draft land use design will be used to begin drafting the new Community Plan, a Draft Circulation Plan, and a Trail and Bikeway Plan. A Community Vision Statement and Community Development Goals will be produced that support and explain the land use design.

Future Workshops:

In order for the new Winton Community Plan to fully address the needs and values of the community, it must be carefully reviewed and accepted by Winton residents. Two Community Planning workshops have already been held (in May and October of 2011) and a third community workshop – to review the Draft Land Use Design, the Community Vision and Community Goals will be held in April or May of 2012.

Full details of the workshop will be posted on this web site and advertised throughout the community once the date and a location have been set.

Draft Community Vision Statement:

A clear statement of the community’s image of itself as it grows and changes through implementation of the plan is an important tool for driving both the future land use design and the goal and policy statements that form the community plan. The following draft Community Vision Statement has been prepared for Winton using input received from the October 19 Community Workshop.

Winton has become a community that offers a wide range of job and housing opportunities to its residents. Employment opportunities in manufacturing, offices, and retailing have substantially increased and a range of housing types are available to meet the needs of the entire community. Downtown Winton has grown to include a mix of small businesses, chain stores and offices. Many private and public facilities are within safe walking distance for most residents and an expanded trail and transit system has reduced reliance on private motor vehicles.

Your comments and suggestions on this Draft Community Vision Statement are welcomed.