Behavioral Health Advisory Board

MISSION STATEMENT:  The mission of the Merced County Behavioral Health Board is to ensure that the Agency provides integrated culturally responsive mental health, substance use disorder and community-based services that promote wellness and recovery.​

Meetings are held the first Tuesday of every month and are scheduled from 4:00 p.m to 6:00 p.m. 
All meetings are located at 301 East 13th Street or can be accessed via Video/Conference Call.

Information on how to connect to the Video/Conference Call can be found on the agenda.

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Each meeting offers public opportunity to speak. We encourage you to come and speak regarding items or concerns that need the boards attention.

Data Notebook 2020


Lee Lor
Lloyd Pareira

(El Nido, Livingston, Le Grand, Planada)
Virginia Vega
Iris Mojica de Tatum
Brian Pena


Mary Ellis
Vince Ramos


(Atwater, Beachwood/Franklin area)
Keng Ger Cha
Sally Ragonut - Chair


(Delhi, Gustine, Hilmar, Snelling)
Bruce Metcalf - Secretary
Vicki Humble


(Dos Palos, Los Banos, Santa Nella)
Emil Erreca

Darrell Hall
Micki Archuleta
Paula Mason - Vice-Chair

​Behavioral Health Advisory Board Committees and Members

Standing Committees:

​Substance Use Disorder

  • Paula Mason - Chair
  • Emil Erreca
  • Vicki Humble
  • Maria Azevedo - Department Representative


  • Sally Ragonut - Chair
  • Paula Mason - Vice-Chair
  • Bruce Metcalf - Secretary
  • Iris Mojica de Tatum
  • Genevieve Valentine - Director of Department of Behavioral Health and Recovery Services
  • Carol Hulsizer - Recorder

​Membership Committee

  • Mary Ellis - Chair
  • Paula Mason

​Board Development Committee

(New Membership, Orientation & On-Boarding)
  • Bruce Metcalf - Chair
  • Supervisor Lee Lor
  • Sally Ragonut

AD-HOC Committees:

​Annual Report Committee

  • Sally Ragonut - Chair
  • Iris Mojica De Tatum
  • Kim Carter

​Nominating Committee

  • Kim Carter - Chair
  • Keng Cha

​Liaison to the Quality Improvement Committee

Purpose:  To provide members with updates, programs and services available.  The QIC shall monitor the service delivery with the aim of improving the process of providing care and better meeting the needs of those served.
  • Mary Ellis
  • Micki Archuleta

Liaison to the MHSA Ongoing Planning Council Meeting

  • Micki Archuleta

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