Non-Diagnostic General Health Assessment (NGHA)

About the Program

The NGHA program authorizes local health jurisdictions to approve applications from private entities wishing to conduct bioanalytical screening for asymptomatic individuals in the local jurisdiction. These tests are designed to screen for a non-infectious chronic health condition. Applicants must have plans in place to refer individuals who appear to have a marker or risk factor to licensed sources of care for appropriate follow up.

One of the prime objectives of the law is to regulate the operation of NGHA operations (e.g. public screening programs for cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides, etc). The law assures the public of safe and quality assured test results at NGHA operations. The law mandates the operation of NGHA programs within certain quality assurance, safety, and client information requirements. The required documentation includes information on type, times, dates, location, quality assurance, client counseling, and safety provisions of the program. Only fingerstick methods of blood collection are allowed. No venipuncture is allowed. Operators must file at least 30 days before conducting an event. Hospitals, licensed community clinics, free clinics, and employees clinics are not considered NGHA programs and are exempt.


Applicants must fill out the attached documents and submit them at least 30 days before they have a NGHA event in Merced County.


The Application provides information regarding name of organization, address, contact information, names of owners, physicians, CLIA number, Assessment programs, testing equipment and applicant signatures.

2. NGHA APPLICATION Compliance Checklist

A Compliant Check list is provided to assist applicants in meeting all requirements.

3. NGHA Events Site Registration

The Site Registration application identifies where the applicant will have the NDGHA in Merced County.

4. Frequently Asked Questions Non-Diagnostic General Health Assessment (NGHA)

Frequently Asked Questions give participants more details about this NGHA program.

Medical Waste Disposal

Applicants must inform the Department as to how they will dispose of their medical waste (mail back programs are allowed). A State or County Environmental Health Division medical waste permit is also required. Please contact Merced County Environmental Health at (209) 381-1100 to apply for this if your agency does not already have said permit.


For questions about the NGHA application process, feel free to call (209) 381-1290.


1. Non-Diagnostic General Health Assessment California Health and Safety Code (111245; 111250; 111330; 111550)

California Health and Safety Codes

2. California Business and Professions Code (1244; 1245; 1246)

California Business and Professions Code 1244