Williamson Act


In July 2000, the Merced County Board of Supervisors enacted the Williamson Act in Merced County. A property owner may enter into a 10-year contract and receive a guaranteed 5% reduction for prime land and trees or vines or a 5% reduction for non-prime land.

In many instances, the reduction may be greater. The contracts are automatically renewed each year unless you enter into non-renewal. Parcels as small as 10 acres may go into a contract if it is prime and meets the minimum qualifications. Non-prime properties must be at least 80 acres.


Application information can be obtained from the Planning Department.

There is a one-time application fee of $400 for each contract filed. When a contract is filed, the reduction will not apply until the following year.

The following items are required when filing the application:
  • Notarized Contract
  • Five-Year Income and Expense Form for each property
  • Plot plan for each enrolled property
  • Assessor's parcel map showing each property (available at not cost in the Assessor's office)