Safety Rules for Children

Children Safety Tips

If a person is making me feel uncomfortable, I can be safe by:

  • Talking to my mom and dad, or someone else that I trust
  • Staying close to my mom, dad, or babysitter when I am shopping, camping, or in other public places.
  • Knowing how to make telephone calls in my city and long distance.
  • Knowing how to dial 0 to reach the operator, or 9-1-1 if I need help right away with an emergency.
  • Noticing where I am when I am shopping, driving, or visiting other places so that I can give clues if I get lost.
  • Asking my parents to have recent pictures of me in case I get lost or go missing.
  • Always having permission from my parents or caregiver before I get into the car with another person.
  • Having a secret code word that only my family and I know.
  • Not telling anyone on the phone that I am home alone. I will just tell the caller that my mom and dad cannot come to the phone right now.
  • Walking with a friend or in a group rather than by myself.
  • Telling my parents or someone I trust when someone else is giving me presents and lots of attention.
  • Going to where a lot of people are if I am being followed or I think that I am being followed.
  • Knowing that it is okay to yell for help and cause a scene if I think that someone or something is dangerous or wrong.
  • Remembering that most adults are kind, but that there are some who hurt children.
  • Remembering that sometimes people who take children are people that they know and trust.