About the Recorder's Office

The Office of the Recorder was created by the State of California Constitution, Article II, Paragraph 5. This Office was consolidated with the Auditor's Office when it was formed in 1875 and again in 1955.  Effective, January 5, 2009 the Board of Supervisors transferred the responsibilities of the Recorder's Office from the Auditor's Office to the Assessor's Office. 

  • Recording, indexing, and filing legal documents such as property transfer records, financial statements, liens, deeds, certificates of discharge, maps, notices, marriages, births, and death certificates
  • Examining all documents for compliance with laws for recording
  • Computing and collecting filing fees, micrographic fees, and documentary transfer taxes
  • Certifying copies of records and general information and furnishing this information to the public for State-prescribed fees

Under California law, employees in the Recorder's Office are not allowed to give legal advice, cannot advise which forms are needed, nor advise how to fill them out.

For more information, contact the Recorder's Office at (209) 385-7627.