Property Search

Property Search Guide

This guide will help you search for property when using the following services View or Print Tax Bills, Pay Taxes Online, or Verify Taxes Paid.

Fee Schedule

View the Fee Schedule (PDF)

If You Have Difficulty

You may have difficulty searching for your tax bill because your address on the deed may have been recorded with abbreviations.

  • Try entering the address without the Street, Road, Drive, or Lane in the property address search cell.
  • Try entering only the first letter for directional identifiers like
    N for North
    E for East
    S for South
    W for West


Example Address: 1234 West 32nd Street

  • Search by 1234 and scroll down to your find your street name.
  • Search by 1234 W (do not type out West) and scroll down to find you street name.
  • Search by 1234 W 32nd (do not enter Street or St.) and you should go directly to your property address.