CSS Approved Programs

Please view the available brochure, flyer, description or link to learn more about the CSS programs.

CSS ProgramBrochure, Flyer,  Description or Link
Full Service Partnership Programs
Community Assistance Recovery Enterprise (CARE) - Adult Full Service PartnershipCARE Brochure
Wraparound Empowerment Compassion and Needs (WeCAN) - Children Full Service PartnershipWeCan Brochure

General System Delivery Programs
Merced Adult Wellness Center (MAWC)MAWC Brochure
Dual Diagnosis Wellness Center (DDP)DDP Brochure
Westside Transitional Wellness Center (WTWC)WTWC Brochure
CUBE-Transitional Age Youth Wellness CenterCUBE Brochure
Adult Mental Health Court and Reentry Program (AMHC)
Older Adult System of Care (OASOC)-Implemented by Area Agency on Aging (AAA)[Link] to AAA Page
Southeast Asian Community Advocacy Program (SEACAP)SEACAP Brochure
CSS in Schools and Communities
Juvenile Behavioral Health Court (JBHC)

Outreach and Engagement Programs
Community Outreach Program, Education, and Engagement (COPE) 
  • COPE Outreach and Engagement Program

COPE O&E Description
  • COPE-Central Intake
COPE-Central Intake Brochure
  • COPE-Crisis Stabilization Unit (CSU)
COPE-CSU Brochure
  • COPE-Mobile Crisis Response Team (MCRT)
COPE-MCRT Brochure
  • COPE-Public Health Partnership
COPE-Public Health Brochures

For more information about any of the MHSA Programs, please contact the MHSA Coordinator at (209) 381-6800.