PEI Approved Programs

Please view the available brochure, flyer handbook or link to learn more about the PEI programs.

PEI Program
Brochure, Description or Link
Caring Kids - Merced County Office of Education
Caring Kids Brochure
Golden Valley Health Centers (GVHC) - Integrated Primary Care in Latino Community [Link] GVHC Page
Golden Valley Health Centers (GVHC) - Cultural Broker Program in Latino Community[Link] GVHC Page
iMatter - Sierra Vista Child and Family ServicesiMatter Brochure
Livingston Community Health (LCH) - Integrated Primary Care (IPC) in Latino CommunityLCH-IPC
Info Card
Livingston Community Health (LCH) - Cultural Broker (CB) Program in Latino CommunityLCH-CB
Folletos del grupo

Mental Health and Police in Schools (MAPS) - City of Livingston Police[Link] MAPS Press Release
Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. (MLFC) - Integrated Primary Care in Hmong Community
Merced Lao Family Community, Inc. (MLFC) - Cultural Broker Program in Hmong Community
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)
PEI Statewide Projects: Central Valley Suicide Prevention Hotline (CVSPH)
PEI Strengthening Families (SF) - BHRS
SF Brochure
Program to Encourage Active, Rewarding Lives for Seniors (PEARLS) - HSA/AAA
PEARLS Brochure
Transition to Independence Process Program (TIP) - Aspiranet
TIP Brochure
Veterans Program-Cultural and Linguistic Outreach - HSA
Youth to Youth Middle School Mentoring (Y2Y-MSM) Program - BHRS

For more information about any of the MHSA Programs, please contact the MHSA Coordinator at (209) 381-6800.