WET Programs

WET Approved Programs

  • Financial Incentive Programs

Financial Incentive Programs establish a system for offering Stipends and/or Scholarships and Grants to improve the mental health workforce.  This program is currently implemented through the California State University, Stanislaus, Educational Stipend for the Masters of Social Work or MSW Program.

  • Training and Technical Assistance

The Training and Technical Assistance program is implemented with Trilogy Integrated Resources through E-learning accessibility and access to the Network of Care website.

  • Staff Development

Staff Development includes Clinical Supervision and Staff Development and Training projects which are provided by trained consultants.

  • Mental Health Career Pathway Programs

Psychosocial Rehabilitation Certification Program is a program that Merced College offers. Merced County established a partnership with Merced College in January 2010 for Psychosocial Rehabilitation classes to be available to staff, consumers, family members, stakeholders and community members.

  • Free Psychosocial Rehabilitation courses are offered each semester.  Contact the MHSA Coordinator for the latest information on these free classes. 

For more information about any of the MHSA Programs, please contact the MHSA Coordinator at (209) 381-6800.