Pacheco Place

Pacheco Place-Project Hope Westside: Mental Health Services Act funding was utilized for the purchase in January 2012 of an 8-unit apartment complex in Los Banos, referred to as Pacheco Place – Project Hope Westside. Pacheco Place serves adults and older adults who are chronically homeless and have a qualifying serious mental illness and be functionally impaired due to their illness or a co-occurring condition of mental illness and substance abuse. These are individuals with a myriad of complex and often untreated physical health disorders. While MHSA funding was utilized to purchase the building portion of this project, HUD Continuum of Care Permanent Supportive Housing and MHSA funding are being utilized to pay for the subsequent supportive services provided through the Pacheco Place project. Pacheco Place has one unit with one bedroom and one bathroom for the property manager. The property manager salary and operating expenses are funded through the HUD grant. The remaining seven units have two bedrooms and one bathroom and are reserved for residents who demonstrate that they are eligible for MHSA housing through Merced County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services and the Merced County Community Action Board certification process. The complex has an onsite laundry facility, a picnic and barbeque area for communal gatherings and adequate parking and is located within three blocks of Westside Transitional Center in Los Banos with access to transportation. The mission of services and the committee is to support stability, meaningful activity, community integration and permanent housing. Tenants agreeing to supportive services are served by a combination of resources provided by Full Service Partnerships (FSP) and Merced County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services staff. Support staff focuses on skills and issues related to the participants’ successful adaptation to the community and daily application of recovery principles to promote ongoing self-determination.