MHSA Events and Campaigns

Picture of Ending the Stigma Pledge Ribbons

Suicide Prevention Initiative

Merced County's Suicide Prevention Initiative is a campaign, launched in May 2018, to educate, to provide outreach and to build a Suicide Safer Community. The MHSA team holds Suicide Prevention activities, presentations and information during Suicide Prevention Week, Suicide Prevention Month and throughout the rest of the year. Visit the MHSA Suicide Prevention Page to learn more.

Ending the Stigma Campaign

Merced County's educational campaign to end mental health stigma and discrimination began in May of 2016.  Since the kick-off date the MHSA team along with our community partners have hosted 35 presentations or pledge events, and so far 3,819 individuals have made the pledge to end mental health stigma and discrimination. Visit the MHSA Ending the Stigma Campaign Page to learn more.

Annual Spiritual Wellness and Recovery Conference

Each year Behavioral Health & Recovery Services, through MHSA funding, holds its Annual Spiritual Wellness and Recovery Conference. This conference is an all-day event to educate and to celebrate the role of spirituality and faith in the treatment and recovery of individuals living with mental health issues.  Visit the Spiritual Wellness and Recovery Conference Page to learn more.  

May is Mental Health Month Awareness and MHSA Outcomes Event

Each May BHRS holds an event to celebrate mental health awareness, to highlight consumer success stories, to promote wellness, recovery and resiliency and to showcase MHSA programs and their outcomes.  This event includes a key-note speaker, testimonials by a consumer panel, art contest displays and awards as well as program information booths. Visit the May is Mental Health Event Page to learn more.