Medical Waste

Merced County Community and Economic Development Department, Division of Environmental Health (MCDEH) is the local enforcement agency responsible for administering the State’s Medical Waste Management Program in Merced County. The program oversees registration requirements for small and large quantity medical waste generators and conducts annual inspections of large quantity generators and facilities with onsite treatment.  

Encouraging Proper Containment and Disposal

The program also encourages, through public education and awareness, proper containment and disposal of home-generated sharps such as needles, lancets, and syringes.  Safely and securely contained home-generated sharps can be taken to MCDEH for proper disposal. MCDEH is not able to accept items with unused or partially used medicines still in the syringes.  Please view the documents provided in the Home-Generated Sharps section for guidance on the safe disposal of home-generated sharps.

Register as a Medical Waste Generator

To apply to register as a Medical Waste Generator in Merced County, please submit a completed Medical Waste Generator Registration Application.  All small quantity generators are required to resubmit the application every two years.  All large quantity generators are required to resubmit the application every year.  Depending on the generator type, an annual fee is required to be paid for the registration/permit.  Please contact MCDEH to find out which fee(s) may apply to your facility. Please download the Medical Waste Generator Registration Application available on MCDEH’s website.

Small quantity and large quantity generators with onsite treatment are required to submit a completed Medical Waste Management Plan (MWMP), in additional to the application.  Please download the MWMP template available on MCDEH’s website if you do not already have a plan that meets the California Department of Public Health’s (CDPH) checklist of requirements.

Medical Waste Law

Frequently Asked Questions


Home-Generated Sharps


We are now accepting home-generated sharps at the following locations:

Human Services Agency / CAL Pacific Services
415 F Street
Los Banos, CA

Merced County Department of Public Health
260 E. 15th Street
Merced, CA

Pharmaceutical Waste

Disposal Methods of Unused Medications

Donating Unused Insulin

Amalgam Waste Recycling