Case Studies

Los Angeles Unified School District

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) was interested in Tangent Computer's products and services. Tangent Computer offered LAUSD a variety of procurement vehicles from which to obtain the required products/services without having to go through a long bid process. The Purchasing staff chose to pursue the FOCUS procurement vehicle as there are no fees to be paid. Subsequently, a conference call was held with staff from LAUSD Purchasing, Merced County FOCUS, and Tangent Computer in order to clarify how LAUSD might participate in the program. Following the clarifications, the FOCUS contract was submitted for review by LAUSD legal counsel. After positive review by legal counsel, the LAUSD Board of Trustees approved the use of the FOCUS Program in the LAUSD as submitted by the Purchasing staff.

A joint powers relationship was then created between LAUSD and Merced County when LAUSD referenced the specific FOCUS contract number for Tangent Computer on their signed purchase orders to Tangent Computer and forwarded information copies to Merced County.

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Southwestern Community College

Recently, Southwestern Community College was considering a large telecommunications purchase from Siemens. They needed to make the purchase very quickly but did not have a procurement vehicle that would address the scope of the procurement. Siemens informed Southwestern Community College of the FOCUS agreement. The college made a quick evaluation and determined that FOCUS fit their needs perfectly. The purchase went through without a hitch.

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