CHP Officer Roger D. GoreCalifornia Highway Patrol - Merced

End Of Watch: July 20, 1950

Officers Frago and Roger Gore had been alerted by radio of a vehicle carrying someone who had brandished a weapon. They spotted the car, fell in behind, called for backup, and began the stop procedure. When the subjects' vehicle had come to a halt in the parking lot, the driver was instructed to get out and place his spread hands on the hood. Gore approached him and Frago moved to the passenger side. The right-side door suddenly swung open and the passenger sprung out, firing at Frago, who fell with two shots in his chest. The gunman, later identified as Jack Twinning, then turned and fired once at Gore, who returned fire. In that moment the driver, Bobby Davis, turned and shot Gore twice at close range. Both officers died instantly.

When James Pence and George Alleyn drove in moments later, they could see neither suspects nor downed officers, but immediately came under fire. Pence put out an 11-99 call ("officer needs help") then took cover behind the passenger door. Alleyn grabbed the shotgun, and positioned himself behind the driver-side door. Both officers were mortally wounded in the ensuing exchange, and one subject was hit.

Roger Davis Gore was born Feb 17, 1947 in Merced. He spent his childhood days in Snelling. His parents were Max Gore and Bertha M. Staley, he was the second child born in a family of three; sister, Maxine, and a brother Timothy.

He was a graduate of Merced High School, and attended Merced College. He joined the CHP in 1967. He married Valerie McMenamy, they had one daughter; Elyce. He joined the California Highway Patrol Aug 1968. He was laid to rest in the Snelling Cemetery.