Measure V - SB1

Dilapidated roads across the State have been a topic of concern for a long time now. So much a concern that it prompted the passage of the Senate Bill 1 Transportation Package in the legislature. 

Merced County isn’t immune from deteriorating roads either. In order to improve the local road system, Merced County voters approved a self-help sales tax known as Measure V.

Since the passage of these revenue streams, funding is starting to be made available for use. Several projects have been completed and others are planned. Please see the links included on this page for a comprehensive list of completed projects and roadwork that will soon be completed with Measure V and SB 1 funds. 

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can report potholes or other hazards directly to Merced County Public Works? 

Make a Road Service Request online - or - call the Roads Office at (209) 385-7601.