Upcoming Events

Bike Month - March, 2019

To become involved with the planning of this event  please email [email protected].

Downtown Bike Rodeo - March, 2019

Cycling instructors will help your children learn to ride safely while covering such topics as riding in the same direction as traffic, hand signals, balancing, braking, steering, stop and starting, walking your bicycle in a crosswalk in a controlled environment away from traffic. New riders can focus on handling their bicycle and developing these needed skills too.

Bicycling 101 Class - March, 2019

Are you interested in the rules of the road, hand signals, bike routes, and information on new bike lanes? Join us for a Bicycling 101 class, more information coming soon!

Mobile Bicycle Repair Clinic

More information coming soon.

Kids Riding Bikes in a Line
Children Riding Bicycles
Crookham Elementary Teacher Leads the Way for Kids on Bikes

Past Events

Walk and Roll to School - October 2018

The Merced County Department of Public Health (MCDPH) worked with Winton School District and local partners to host the first Annual Walk and Roll to School Day at Crookham Elementary. The Crookham students join communities around the world to celebrate how much fun it is to walk, bicycle, scooter or skateboard to school.