Community Cleanup

Community Cleanups allow local county residents to dispose of tires, appliances, and other common throwaway items for a greatly reduced fee.

Community Cleanup Schedule 2021

All Community Cleanups will start at 8:30 a.m. and conclude at 2:00 p.m. sharp, no exceptions!

CommunityCleanup DateLocation
El NidoJanuary 23, 2021County Library Parking Lot
StevinsonJanuary 30, 2021Hwy. 165  (¼ mile south of Hwy. 140)
DelhiFebruary 27, 2021Fourth Street & Gordon Street
Santa NellaMarch 6, 2021West Comet Road & Venus Circle
SnellingMarch 13, 2021Henderson Park
WintonMarch 20, 2021Santa Fe Drive & Winton Way
HilmarMarch 27, 2021Community Center / Faulke Street
South Dos PalosApril 3, 2021Reynolds Avenue & Shain Avenue
Le GrandApril 10, 2021Santa Fe Avenue & Jefferson Street
Franklin / BeachwoodApril 24, 2021
Santa Fe Dr. & Business Park Way
Dos Palos YOctober 2, 2021
Dos Palos Y Auction Yard
McSwainOctober 23, 2021
Quinley Avenue  (South of Moran Avenue)
PlanadaNovember 6, 2021
Broadway  (Between Mills Street & Fremont Street)

Unacceptable Items & Loads

The following items will not be accepted:

  • Household chemicals or liquids of any kind
  • Oil waste or automotive fluids
  • Heavy equipment or tractor tires
  • Treated wood – railroad ties, pressure-treated lumber, etc.
  • Commercial loads

Also, trucks over 1 ton and trailers over 8 feet will not be accepted, no exceptions.

Drop-Off Cost

In order to offset the cost of the annual cleanup events, there will be a small charge for most items.

Carloads of discards will be charged $1.00, while pick-ups, vans, and station wagons will be $2.00.  Smaller single-axle trailers less than 8 feet will be charged $3.00, while 8-foot trailers and 1-ton trucks will be charged $4.00.  (Trucks over 1 ton and trailers over 8 feet will not be accepted, no exceptions.)

Schedule of Fees

Load / ItemsRate
Automobiles$1.00 (per load)
Pickups, Vans, Station Wagons$2.00 (per load)
Trailers (less than 8 ft.)$3.00 (per load)
Trailers (8 ft.) and 1-Ton trucks$4.00 (per load)
Large Appliances$1.00 (each)