Campus Parkway Project

Map of Merced Loop System Opens in new windowConstruction of Segment III of the Campus Parkway project remains on track to be completed by 2023.

The overall Campus Parkway project includes the construction of a four-lane expressway from Highway 99, connecting to Highway 140, and extending to Yosemite Avenue.  Segment I from Highway 99 to Childs Avenue is complete.  Segment II is also complete and extends the expressway to Highway 140.  Segment III is under construction and will extend the expressway to Yosemite Avenue.  $100 million was secured through the Senate Bill 1 Transportation Package to fund Segments II and III of the Campus Parkway project.

Once finished, Campus Parkway will complete the south-eastern portion of the “Merced Loop System,” which will circle the City of Merced and connect surrounding communities, including the City of Atwater.

Campus Parkway (Nov. 2018)
Campus Parkway Segment II, facing south bound toward Highway 140 (November 2018)
Campus Parkway (Jan. 2019)
Campus Parkway Segment II, looking north toward U.C. Merced on the horizon (January 2019)