File a Court Order Violation Report with the DA for Prosecution

Court Order
Please read the following instructions before proceeding with your report!


To provide citizens of Merced County the opportunity to report the willful disobedience of a court order.   Due to the volume of reports received by this agency and the sensitive nature of willful disobedience of court orders, this self-reporting format has been adopted.  

Information & Guidelines

If you live in the county and wish to make a report of willful disobedience of a Court Order, you must complete the online report for “Violation of Court Order”, and upload a copy of the most current court order. This report will be held within the Merced County Sheriff’s Records Bureau for “information purposes only”. The Merced County District Attorney’s Office has the responsibility of determining which reports will or will not be prosecuted. If you would like the Merced County District Attorney’s Office to review your report for prosecution at their discretion, you will need to obtain a copy of your online report from the Records Bureau and take it to the District Attorney’s Office.


Select the report option titled, “Violation of Court Order” and follow the prompts.  Additional instructions for completing your report can be found below.

  • Yourself: Please enter, at minimum, your first and last name, home address, email address, race, ethnicity, date of birth and gender.        These are mandatory fields and you cannot submit the report without entering information in these fields.
  • Incident Details: 
    • Street Address: This area should be filled with the address or name of the location where the violation occurred. For example, if the Court has ordered the exchange of children to occur at your residence, then you should enter that address in this box.
    • Incident Time (Start/End): This area shall be filled with the date and time in which this violation occurred. 
    • Type of Violation(s): Select the option(s) which is most applicable and check the box or boxes that apply. If none of these options accurately describe the violation(s), select “Other Violation(s)” and briefly provide the details of the violation(s) in the narrative section.
    • Documents/Photographs: Click upload to attach a copy of the most recent court order.  
  • Person Section: There are three person sections on this report; Reporting Party, Suspect and Witness.
      • Reporting Party:  If you are writing this report, you are considered the Reporting Party and have already provided the required information.
      • Suspect: The suspect is the person who willfully violated the Court Order. You may choose to designate someone as the “Suspect” by selecting that option from the drop-down. All mandatory fields must be completed to add a suspect.
      • Witness: A witness is a person who personally witnessed the violation taking place, or has some valuable information pertaining to the violation. You may designate a witness by selecting that option from the drop-down.  Please complete all mandatory fields. 
    • Narrative:  Please include the date of the order, what court issued the order, and an order number or court filing number. Briefly provide details of the incident when the court order was violated. Be sure to include the location or locations involved, the date(s) and time(s), and the specific facts which show the willful disobedience of the court order. In addition, any statement made by the suspect or observations made by a witness will assist in investigating your case.  For example, "the order states child exchange will occur at 4 PM at the police lobby and the other person did not show up until 5 PM.” 
  • NOTE: A copy of your most current Court Order must be attached to this report. Maintain notes regarding issues and contacts made regarding your Court Order. Record minor violations. Date them and keep them for later use either in court or for a later report you may need to initiate.

Report a Court Order Violation