Sheriff George Turner

Elected Sheriff 1857 to 18632. Sheriff George Turner 1857-62

George Turner was born in Vermont in 1812.  Part of the gold rush migration, Turner arrived in California in 1849.  He settled in La Grange in the 1850’s, opening a mercantile.  He was a participant in the formation of Merced County and its early government.  Turner was appointed the first Undersheriff by Sheriff Bludworth and was subsequently elected Sheriff for three more terms.  During his tenure, he married Miss Alice Ruddle (sister of Emma Ruddle, the first wife of Sheriff Anthony Meany) of Merced, the union producing a son and four daughters.

Turner was elected County Treasurer in 1876 and served for two terms.  He retired and remained in the Merced area for a few years before moving his family to Los Angeles, where he died in August of 1892 at the age of 70. Mrs. Turner remained in Los Angeles and passed away on April 20, 1929.