Complaint Resolution


The Ombudsperson Program shall provide, as appropriate, assistance to custodial parties, non-custodial parties, employers, and the public:

  • On inquiries about the Child Support Program, local complaint resolution, and State hearings
  • On issues regarding actions taken by the local child support agency and/or Franchise Tax Board
  • By reviewing inquiries and issues and resolving them or making recommendations to resolve them prior to a complaint being filed
  • By assisting custodial parents and non-custodial parents in navigating the local Complaint Resolution and State Hearing Processes (see below)
  • By providing written, Department-approved informational materials related to the Ombudsperson Program, the local Complaint Resolution Process, the State Hearing Process, and/or other child support-related information

Complaint Resolution Process

If you have a complaint against your local child support agency or the Franchise Tax Board for any action or inaction regarding your child support case, you have the right to request Complaint Resolution.

You can make a complaint in writing by completing and submitting a Complaint Resolution Form (LCR001) to your local child support agency or you can call directly at (866) 901-3212.

State Hearing Process

You can request a State Hearing after you have gone through the Complaint Resolution Process. You have the right to a State Hearing if the local child support agency does not respond to you within 30 days after receiving your complaint, or you are not satisfied with the local Child Support Agency’s Complaint Resolution or response.

You can request a State Hearing in writing by sending a Request for Hearing Form (SH001) to the State Hearing Office, or you can call them directly at (866) 289-4717.

For more information, view the CA Department of Child Services website.