Sheriff Charles Alexander H. Warfield

Elected Sheriff 1888 to 190210. Sheriff Charles Warfield 1888-01

Charles Warfield was born in Paris, Texas, on February 24, 1845.  Coming to California in 1861, he made a living at a Stockton wagon factory and operated an express line into the nearby foothills and mountains.  Leaving Stockton, he relocated to Merced County where he worked for the Miller-Lux Cattle Company.

In August of 1884, he married Miss Martha Cramer, a native of Plainsburg at White’s Bridge, in Fresno County.  The couple had two sons, Charles and Jesse, both of whom preceded the Sheriff in death.

In 1888, he was elected to the office of Sheriff, as the Republican candidate, and remained in that position for 14 years.  In 1894, during his tenure, the term was extended from two to four years.

After his public life, Warfield opened an employment agency, retiring in 1923.  Four months later, on January 24, 1924, he passed away at his home on 23rd Street.  Warfield was buried in the Knights of Pythias section of the Merced Cemetery under the auspices of the Masonic Lodge.  Mrs. Warfield died in April of 1942 and was also buried in the same section.  Records indicate that at the time of her death, she had been living at 439 19th Street in Merced.