Sheriff's Office Training

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It is the policy of this department to administer a training program that will provide for the professional growth and continued development of its personnel. By doing so, the Department will ensure its personnel possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide a professional level of service that meets the needs of the community. 

The Department seeks to provide ongoing training and encourages all personnel to participate in advanced training and formal education on a continual basis. Training is provided within the confines of funding, requirements of a given assignment, staffing levels, and legal mandates. Whenever practical, the Department will use courses certified by the California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST). 


The objectives of the Training Program are to:

(a) Enhance the level of law enforcement service to the public 

(b) Increase the technical expertise and overall effectiveness of our personnel 

(c) Provide for continued professional development of department personnel 

A training plan will be developed and maintained by the Training Manager. It is the responsibility of the Training Manager to maintain, review, and update the training plan on an annual basis. The plan will address the following areas: 

• CA POST mandated perishable skills training 

• Legal Update Training as recommended by counsel 

• Specialty Training as required

All department employees are encouraged to submit comments and critiques regarding the quality of any respective training that is provided.  

All employees assigned to attend training shall attend as scheduled unless previously excused by their immediate supervisor.

Sheriff's Office Training Information