Who We Are As Treasurer

The County Treasurer is governed by the California Government Code and responsible for the preservation of capital through sound financial management. The Merced County Treasurer’s office operates as the County’s bank and provides banking and investment services for all pool participants. The Treasury receipts almost $2 billion in annual revenues. The safekeeping of these assets requires the receipt of all monies for deposit, maintenance of accurate records required to balance to the Auditor-Controller’s ledgers, cash flow projections to meet daily liquidity and investing of monies in the fixed income pooled portfolio.

All funds are invested daily for maximum safety, liquidity and yield in order to preserve the capital investment while providing net added value through investment earnings. The CA Govt Codes § 53601 and 53608, as well as the Treasurer’s investment policy, mandates that the Treasury invest conservatively in fixed-income securities with a maximum maturity of 5 years. Permissible fixed income securities include U.S. Treasury and Federal Agency securities, commercial paper, banker acceptances, highly-rated corporate notes and various highly liquid funds.  The pool participants include the County, Schools, College, Special Districts, and Independent Agencies.  In addition, the office oversees unclaimed and missing heirs property, custody of investments, debt issuances and service.  The Treasurer is also the ex-officio member on the Retirement Board.