Communities & Gatherings

On March 24, the CDC released guidance materials on special populations.  This includes a checklist for older persons to help define the steps they need to take to stay healthy. They also released a definition of what <LINK> categories of people are at higher risk of illness from COVID-19.

On March 19, The Governor put the state on a statewide shelter-in-place order, calling for no public gatherings.  For more information, please go to the State of California’s website on the shelter-in-place order.

On March 16, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) issued guidance for the prevention of COVID-19 transmission as it relates to gatherings.  The guidance states that all gatherings should be postponed, and that gyms, health clubs, and theaters should be closed.  The full document can be found here: CDPH Guidance for the Prevention of COVID-19 Transmission for Gatherings

On March 13, Merced County Health Officer Dr. Kenneth Bird released a recommendations and guidance around community gatherings, businesses, and higher-risk individuals.  These recommendations include postponing or cancelling gatherings of over 250 people, allowing for social distancing of six feet per person, and encouraging sick people to stay home.  The full document can be found here: Order from the Health Officer Regarding Non-Essential Gatherings

On March 7, the California Department of Public Health issued a mass gatherings guidance that describes what event organizers should do to best protect themselves and those attending events from COVID-19, including modifications of events to minimize close contact and cleaning of surfaces.  The full document can be found here: CDPH Public Event and Organizers Information

In February, 2020, the California Department of Public Health issued general guidance for persons with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 on the cleaning of residences and disposal of waste.  This guidance also provides information for household members and/or caregivers of these persons.  The full document can be found here: CDPH Guidance documents for home cleaning with COVID-19 Positive Individuals

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have published recommendations for cleaning and disinfecting households with suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases, along with background of the disease.  The website can be accessed here: CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting