Adult Field Services

All adult defendants placed on felony probation or community supervision undergo an initial intake assessment and then are referred for services.  The defendant’s level of supervision and reporting standards are determined through a comprehensive risk and needs assessment.  Based upon the information gathered during the assessment, the defendant is assigned to an appropriate caseload for supervision.  Specialized caseloads, such as sex offenses, domestic violence, gangs, and drugs target enforcement and supervision strategies that effectively address various types of defendants.

Merced County Probation Department is committed to the implementation of evidence-based responses to violations of probation to enhance community safety and promote behavior change.  It is also important to recognize and acknowledge the signs of progress and to encourage defendants toward greater compliance and positive life accomplishments.  A response matrix was developed and serves as a decision-making tool to bring more uniformity and objectivity to the probation officer’s response to defendants’ positive or negative behavior.  The matrix can be viewed as a guide to consider relevant factors and determine appropriate responses.