Adult Community Corrections Partnership

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Adult Day Reporting Center

The Day Reporting Center is facilitated by the GEO group.  It is designed to offer a variety of services to defendants under the jurisdiction of the Merced County Probation Department or the Merced County Sheriff’s Department.  The program has three phases and lasts between 6 – 12 months.  The services defendants receive include cognitive-behavioral treatment classes, referrals to community-based organizations, job skill assessments, vocational training, outpatient substance abuse education and treatment, educational services including assessment, GED preparation and testing, family support services, anger management, and pro-social activities.

Trident Center

The Trident Center is located in the central area of the city of Merced and comprises employees from the Merced County Sheriff’s Office, Merced County Probation Department, Human Services Agency, and Behavioral Health and Recovery Services.  Through evidence-based practices, this multi-disciplinary effort employs a three-pronged approach focused on public safety, reduced recidivism through rehabilitation, and alternatives to custody.  Deputy probation officers assigned to the Trident Center provide intensive supervision of Post Release Community Supervision and Mandatory Community Supervision populations. 

Jail Re-Entry Program

The Probation Department partnered with GEO Reentry Services to offer in-custody treatment programs for defendants nearing the end of their jail commitments. Starting treatment before defendants are released back into the community facilitates consistency in treatment and helps them be better prepared for transition to the community. By assessing defendants’ risks and needs, and initiating programming during incarceration, the transition to a community-based program is seamless and behavior change is expedited.

Leadership for Life

Leadership for Life is a program offered at the Trident Center and Los Banos in Merced through the Probation Department and the Human Service Agency.  The program is eleven (11) weeks long for fathers and ten (10) weeks long for non-fathers and is designed to help defendants navigate the systems that impact their families.  The mission of Leadership for Life is to assist and support defendants to provide a safe, secure, and encouraging environment for their families.  The program covers topics such as employment, court, health, fitness and nutrition, self-sufficiency, and education.  Leadership for Life encompasses one-on-one assessments, peer support, hands-on practice, and guest speakers. Each defendant gets a resource toolbox to keep and organize the information he receives each week.  Defendants also receive practical application tools that will help them practice what they learn in class in their homes or the community. 

Transitional Housing

The Transition to Hope Program, operated by Merced Rescue Mission, provides defendants with a safe, supportive, sober living environment while fostering independence, allowing each resident to pursue work and educational opportunities.  The Transition to Hope Program provides sober living environment bed space to assist defendants reintegrating back into the community.

The Phoenix Project

This is a partnership between the Probation Department and Merced County Office of Education that provides defendants with vocational and aptitude assessments, personalized career action plans, assistance with GED/High School Diplomas, vocational training, college enrollment including financial aid, one-on-one mentoring, and other supportive services.  Some vocational services include professional truck driving, welding technology, industrial maintenance mechanic, automotive technology, medical assisting, computerized technology, accounting, and construction technology.

ACE Overcomers

ACE (Adverse Childhood Experience) Overcomers provides defendants with a 12-week curriculum designed to provide life-changing lessons to help overcome addiction, depression, anxiety, and anger that is caused by stressors associated with childhood adversity and trauma. 

Lifeline Community Development

Lifeline Community Development is a community-based organization that provides resources and empowerment to underserved communities within Merced County.  Lifeline also organizes and hosts the monthly PACT (Probation/Parole and the Community Team) meetings to assist defendants who are re-entering our communities after a period of incarceration.  These meetings are primarily focused on supporting defendants by advising them of available resources within the community.

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is located in Los Banos and provides enhanced services such as employment, mental health, and life skills to defendants and their family members living on the Westside of Merced County.  Similar to The Trident Center in Merced, Breaking Barriers offers a multitude of services in one location making it easier for defendants.  Breaking Barriers is comprised of employees from the Department of Workforce Investment (WorkNet), Merced County Behavioral Health and Recovery Services (BHRS), and the Probation Department.  A Probation Program Specialist oversees the daily oversight of operations and programming.


The Merced County Probation Department partnered with Inkoff.Me to provide tattoo removal services to probation clients and members of the community monthly.  Inkoff.Me is a mobile tattoo removal company that serves to help people who need to remove or fade tattoos.  Tattoos are often removed in one session but can require multiple sessions depending on numerous factors.  Removing unwanted tattoos allows clients to improve their appearance, gain self-confidence, find employment, help restore hope, and offer healing.

Symple Equazion

Symple Equazion is a local community-based organization focused on providing educational and vocational services in the culinary arts field to probation clients.  During the twelve (12) week program, probation clients receive one hundred sixty (160) hours of classroom training, obtain their food handler’s certificate, and acquire three hundred and twenty (320) hours of on-the-job work experience.  They are paid while enrolled in the program.  Probation clients complete their on-the-job work experience in the Symple Soul food truck.