Booking Information

Booking Information

If a youth is suspected of a criminal act and law enforcement is going to take action, the youth could receive a citation and be released to a guardian or they could be booked into the Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex. 

Booking: Admission Process

During the admission process, the youth is entitled to two (2) phone calls: one to parent(s), guardian(s), or person(s) standing in loco parentis, a responsible relative, or employer, and one completed phone call to an attorney.

Probation has two options for releasing a youth to a parent’s custody:

  1. Released to a parent or guardian on Home Supervision, pending their scheduled court hearing. Youth and parent or guardian will be required to complete a Global Positioning System (GPS) contract.
  2. Straight release to a parent or guardian with no restrictions, pending a court hearing.

Detention Risk Assessment

The shift supervisor will utilize the Detention Risk Assessment Instrument (DRAI) on all youth who are booked into the Merced County Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Correctional Complex for offenses that fall within section 602 of the California Penal Code to determine eligibility for release or continued detention.

DRAI screening evaluates whether or not a youth needs to remain in a secure detention facility. 

The DRAI will determine if a youth will continue to be detained or if they will be released to a parent, guardian or persons standing in loco parentis.

If detained, the following will occur:

  1. The booking officer will go through the booking process, the youth will be asked to provide information regarding parents and/or legal guardian. This information will be used to list those individuals who will be visiting with the youth and receiving information pertaining to the youth.
  2. The booking officer will inventory all personal property and/or money. Property will be placed in a property bag and secured in a property cabinet.
  3. The booking officer will provide an orientation to each youth admitted to the facility before the youth is placed in a housing unit.
  4. The youth is then offered the opportunity to shower, proper juvenile hall attire is provided and their personal clothes and property will be accounted for and secured in the juvenile hall property room.
  5. The supervisor will determine security classification and housing location.


Upon admission, all youth take a series of assessments, used to determine the youth’s level of need and housing assignments

The following assessments will be completed upon admission into the facility:

  • MAYSI (Massachusetts Youth Screening Instrument)
  • Victim vulnerability
  • Custody classification
  • PREA (Prison Rape Elimination Act)

Youth will be housed in accordance to their criminal charges, age and vulnerability.

Assessments will determine the least restrictive housing unit for youth being booked into detention.

Positive Achievement Change Tool (PACT)

Within 24 hours of a youth being detained by a juvenile court judge, a designated staff member shall refer to the youth’s PACT.

The PACT will be used to identify risk factors, needs, and strengths, and develop a program that addresses any substance abuse history, educational/vocational needs and/or behavioral health needs.

The staff member will consider the youth’s known history of trauma when developing the youth’s program.

Release from Custody

Release dates and information for juveniles in custody are provided at the time of the court hearing. In the juvenile court system, bail is not required in order to release a youth to parent or guardian.

The youth will be released at the main entrance of the Iris Garrett Juvenile Justice Complex located at: 2840 W Sandy Mush Road, Merced, CA 95340

The release process may take up to 1 hour to complete. 

Only a parent or legal guardian may pick-up a youth who has been released from custody, and they must present one of the following forms of identification:

  • State Driver’s License
  • State Department of Motor Vehicles Identification Card
  • Armed Forces Identification Card
  • Identification Card issued by the United States Department of Immigration and Naturalization Services
  • Passport