Telephone Usage & Tablet Services

Telephone Usage

Telephone access for youth is during unstructured recreational time. In an effort to keep youth connected to their family members, telephone access is free for all youth in custody.

Parents, guardians, or persons standing in loco parentis will need to set up an account with the telephone service provider. Pamphlets are available in the visiting lobby for the telephone provider.

AdvancePay Service Dept.
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Denver, CO 80291-1722

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Tablet Services

GettingOut provides simple and reliable communication between inmates, friends, and family, which is rooted in the power of relationships.  GettingOut focuses on inmate and self-improvement and creates “community” with, and between it’s customers- bound by trust and hope.  Our aim is to be a supportive and friendly conduit for making connections, fortifying relationships, and offering content to inmates get out and stay out.

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