Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council

In accordance with Welfare and Institutions Code Section749.22 and Government Code Section 30061, the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council (JJCC) will advise the Board of Supervisors on the development and implementation of a comprehensive multi-agency plan that identifies resources and strategies for providing an effective continuum of responses for the prevention, intervention, supervision, treatment, and incarceration of juvenile offenders, including strategies to develop and implement local out-of-home placement options for the juvenile offender. The Council will also coordinate on a countywide basis the work of those governmental and non-governmental organizations engaged in activities designed to reduce the incidence of juvenile crime and delinquency in the greater community, develop information and intelligence-sharing systems to ensure that county actions are fully coordinated, and provide data and appropriate outcome measures.

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Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Subcommittee

Under Senate Bill 823, the Juvenile Justice Coordinating Council Subcommittee has been established, which began the closure of the state’s Division of Juvenile Justice (DJJ), realigning state functions to county governments. Members of the subcommittee will assist in the development of a comprehensive long-term realignment plan to serve youth at a local level, including the identification of facilities, programming, service needs, and the allocation of grant funding.

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