Juvenile Justice Delinquency Prevention Commission

The Juvenile Justice/Delinquency Prevention Commission of Merced County is a state-mandated, court-appointed authority. The general purpose of the Commission is to inquire into the administration of the juvenile court law in this county, to ensure that the rights or physical, mental, or moral welfare of children are not violated or threatened by their present circumstances or environment. The Commission is dedicated to the promotion of an effective juvenile justice system operated in an environment of credibility, dignity fairness, and respect for the youth, their families, and their communities. 

Section 225 of the Welfare and Institutions Code requires each county to have a Juvenile Justice Commission.

The Commission’s responsibilities include:

  • Annual inspections of juvenile facilities including detention facilities and group homes used for the confinement and/or placement of any minor in Merced County;
  • Conducting public or closed hearings on matters relating to juvenile law in the County; and
  • Advocating for youth and needed services for youth in the justice system

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Delinquency Prevention Component Responsibilities

The Delinquency Prevention focus of the Commission seeks to prevent youth from entering the juvenile justice system. The Commission strives to support delinquency prevention activities which include advocating for needed youth services by working with county agencies and community groups, recognizing, and promoting programs for youth, and hosting youth-related activities. These activities may include advocating for youth and advising both governmental and non-governmental agencies of policy recommendations.

Commission Members

The Commission shall make recommendations to the presiding judge of the juvenile court for membership on the commission. Referrals for consideration and review by the commission may be made by community groups, elected, or appointed public officials or by private citizens.

Joe HoffarChair
Kelly BentzVice-Chair
Anthony DiBellaCommissioner
Ronald EvansCommissioner
Noemi KollmannCommissioner
Linda LevesqueCommissioner
Jermaine PastorCommissioner
Sheri CampbellCommissioner

Commission Vacancies

We are currently recruiting for both adult and youth commissioner.

There shall be a juvenile justice commission in each county consisting of not less than 7 and no more than 15 citizens. Two or more of the members shall be persons between 14 and 21 years of age, provided there are available persons between 14 and 21 years of age who can carry out the duties of a commission member in a manner satisfactory to the appointing authority.

If you are interested in applying, please submit a JJDPC application online.