About Us

Elections Department

The Merced County Registrar of Voters Office is responsible for conducting fair, impartial, accurate, secure and transparent federal, state, and local elections. The Registrar of Voters manage all voting equipment, training, election ballot processing, and vote tallying. The Registrar of Voters also performs all voter registration functions and provides voting-related services to voters, elected officials, campaigns, and other voting interest groups. Outside of election season, the Registrar of Voters Office serves the public as a U.S. passport acceptance facility.

The Registrar of Voters office is led by Melvin E. Levey and operates year-round with a small staff to serve over 120,000 registered voters. During election time, the office increases its staff by approximately 150 temporary employees, county employee volunteers and poll workers. Merced County has around 25,000 inactive voters who are still eligible to vote in upcoming elections.