Voter's Choice Act

Merced County Registrar of Voters - Voters Choice Act

Voter's Choice Act (VCA)

The Voter's Choice Act is a law passed by the California State Legislature in 2016. The VCA was implemented successfully in San Mateo, Sacramento, Napa, Nevada and Madera Counties during the 2018 Elections. Two of the largest counties in California, Los Angeles and Orange, transitioned to the VCA model for the 2020 Elections. Merced County successfully implemented the VCA model in 2021. Dozens of counties in California are now VCA adopters.

With the VCA Model:

  1. Every active registered voter receives a Vote by Mail ballot starting 29 days before Election Day.
  2. Voters can vote in person at any of the Voting Assistance Centers in Merced County.
  3. Voters who want to vote in person may do so for 11 days, including weekends, at some Voting Assistance Centers or for 4 days at all Voting Assistance Centers.
  4. Voting Assistance Centers offer more space, additional services, and new enhanced voting equipment.

VOTERS have more options and get to choose WHEN, WHERE, and HOW to vote!

    • You can vote and mail your ballot, no postage required.
    • You can drop off your voted ballot at any secure Official Drop Box, no postage required.
    • If you don’t want to vote the ballot that was mailed to you, you can vote at any Voting Assistance Center in Merced County.
    • You have up to 11 days, including weekends, to vote or return your ballot at a Voting Assistance Center.
    • You can do any of the following at a Voting Assistance Center:
      • Vote in person
      • Register to Vote or Update Your Registration and vote the same day
      • Drop off your voted ballot
      • Get a replacement ballot
      • Vote on an accessible ballot marking device
      • Get help and voting materials in multiple languages 

2023 Merced County Election Administration Plan (EAP)

The Voter's Choice Act (VCA) requires each participating county to create an Election Administration Plan (EAP) through a process of public input and public hearings. The EAP is required to describe how the county will administer elections under the VCA and include their plans to educate and reach out to the public. State law requires the Secretary of State to accept, reject or accept with modifications the education and outreach provisions of the EAP. Merced County is renewing its EAP prior to the 2024 election cycle. Below, you will find the notice regarding our public comment and hearing periods. In addition, you will find the current draft of the Merced County EAP so that you may reach out to the Registrar of Voters with comments.

Merced County 2023 Final Election Administration Plan (EAP)

Public Notice of 14 Day Comment Period for Amended Draft Election Administration Plan (As of October 11, 2023)

Merced County Amended Draft Election Administration Plan (EAP) (As of October 11, 2023)

Public Notice of 14 Day Comment Period and Public Hearing on August 30, 2023 (As of August 15, 2023)

Merced County Draft Election Administration Plan (EAP) (As of August 15, 2023)

Make a comment on the draft by emailing us at [email protected].

Election Administration Plan Archived Documents

Merced County 2021 Final Election Administration Plan (EAP)


Voters Choice Act Legislation

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