Resources for Young Adults

Here are a few videos that are not necessarily aimed at kids. They just might inspire some adults to think about the importance of civic participation and voting. Or, maybe the videos will challenge why they don’t.  

The Vlogbrothers insert humor to share their views and inspire people to vote... or maybe they’ll point out some of the (not so good reasons) why people don’t vote.

Ten Terrible Reasons Not to Vote (and two good ones)

Why I Didn’t Vote (And Six Reasons Why You Might Not)

TED Talk Videos: Five animated videos to watch during election season. These videos offer information on voting rights, why we vote on Tuesdays, how electoral districts can impact elections, the electoral college, and how power is divided between the branches of government.   

This single-topic video created by Disney Educational Productions discusses the history of the Electoral College and how it’s run today.

The information for this map was provided by students in Professor Nackenoff’s Fall 2020 American Elections class at Swarthmore College (POLS 22). Each student was responsible for researching changes in election laws affecting registration, early voting, absentee voting, mail-in voting, voter ID, and felon disenfranchisement from 2004 forward. Go to the About page to learn more about the map.

Publication: 2022 Elections Officers Digest