Poll Worker / Election Worker

Merced County needs your help to serve its growing registered voter numbers during future Elections.

Top 5 Reasons to Become a Poll Worker

  1. There is a poll worker shortage.

    In-person voting can only happen if poll workers staff polling sites. When there’s a poll worker shortage, some crucial voting locations may even be closed. By becoming a poll worker, you’ll help to ensure your community has the personnel it needs to keep polling sites open.

  2. You will be protecting US democracy.

    Without poll workers, voting sites could close or inadvertently disenfranchise citizens by not having the capacity to handle an influx of voters. In this scenario, US democracy would be undermined — it only reaches its full potential when everyone can cast their ballot and make their voice heard.

  3. You will be making the lives of voters easier and safer.

    The more poll workers, the smoother Election Day will be. If numerous poll workers are assigned to poll books and machine troubleshooting, for example, then lines are less likely to develop inside and outside the building. With fewer lines, the risk of COVID-19 transmission goes down and people in your community will be safer. More poll workers also mean more hygienic control of space, with more people wiping down surfaces and refilling hand sanitizer containers.

  4. You will learn more about the voting process.

    Volunteering as a poll worker allows you to peer into the inner workings of democracy — how votes are tallied, who shows up to vote, and how power is accrued. You might gain a deeper appreciation for the arduous process of getting out the vote. You might even become inspired to play a bigger role in voter registration and organizing in your community for future elections.

  5. You will get paid!

    There’s a good chance you’ll get paid for the hours you put in on Election Day.

Poll Worker/Election Worker Applications

Merced County Employees as Volunteer Poll Workers Program

To apply online or to find reference materials and election day publications go to the Poll Worker Portal.