KnoxBox Access System

KnoxBox 3200All gate access or building access shall have approved fire department locks or key boxes installed for emergency access. Lock boxes and padlocks can be found at KnoxBox.


  1. Go to the KnoxBox website.
  2. Click the large "Buy" button in top-right corner of screen.
  3. For Your Location, select "CALIFORNIA" from the list.
  4. For Local Fire Department/Agency, type "Merced," click on "Merced Co Fire Dept" in the dropdown that appears, and then click "Search."  Click "Select" (next to Merced Co Fire Dept) one final time.
  5. Scroll and click on the desired product category (e.g., Commercial KnoxBoxes, Emergency Boxes, Padlocks, etc.).
  6. Once the desired item is located, click the "View" button beneath the item, customize the item's options as desired, and click "Add to Cart."

    • Most common KnoxBox items ordered:
      • KnoxBox 3200 Surface-Mount (Item 3261)
      • Knox (External) Padlock (Item 3782)
  7. Fill in your personal and billing information and submit.
  8. When all fields have been completed, the Fire Department will approve the request for Knox. Once approved, the lock or box will be shipped.
  9. Once the box is received, mount the box in the location pre-approved by the Fire Department. (If you only purchased a padlock, see next step.)
  10. Once box or lock is ready to be locked, call the local fire department at (209) 385-7347.

(Image copyright © The Knox Company)