Community Corrections Partnership

community puzzleThe Merced County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be part of the Community Corrections Partnership and is now providing community rehabilitation programs for incarcerated persons sentenced to serve local jail time.  Selected participants are placed in a number of different programs based on their needs and supervised by the Sheriff’s Supervised Release Team (SRT).   

The team consists of four deputies and one sergeant that will monitor the participants as they progress through the programs.  Participants are placed on global positioning monitors (GPS) while attending their programs.   Participants of the program are able to attend programs such as behavioral intervention, anger management, domestic violence awareness, cognitive-behavioral treatment, outpatient substance abuse counseling, alcohol abuse counseling, family reunification, life skills, employment readiness, and a number of other evidence-based practice programs within Merced County.

Program participants also have the opportunity to start program services while serving time in jail and begin the counseling and rehabilitation process.  Once participants reach a set goal, they are then eligible to move to one of the community programs under SRT supervision, while continuing to serve their sentence.  The Sheriff’s Office, in partnership with Merced County Probation, has had excellent success with the programs over the years and has been able to reduce recidivism by approximately 80% for program graduates.  

The Sheriff’s Office is looking forward to the continued partnerships with our community resources as well as continued program expansions and updates to help reduce recidivism and provide services to the community.

For more information about the Community Corrections Partnership Program, click on the link below.     

Community Corrections Partnership Information